Sensorimotor Integration (Motor learning)


When all hope was gone this girl Blew it out of the water with determination and by following and the plan I built for her specific issues 14 years after rehabilitation and continued mobility issues. Once defeated and now doing Yoga!! I love and live for these little miracles in Personal Training! Getting to watch the body overcome challenges, adapt and creating new pathways to success that everyone thought was impossible! So proud of her progress!

From Bulge to Buff

Getting Her Sexy Back!

Getting Married Fit & Fabulous!


From Shoulder Surgery To Playing Tennis

Kasi B.

I would love to say thank you so much for all you have done for me. I was to a point I was so discouraged and with your help and you pushing me I have become more confident with myself and my body. I honestly could not of done this without you. I am beyond blessed to have found you and have you as my trainer. My results are more than I ever expected and it just keeps getting better. Thanks again!!!!!

Kasi B.

Fabulous 50!

I had never participated in a regular exercise program in years, and it showed.   I’m the kind of woman that needs to be inspired to work out.  My 50th birthday was only 6 months away and I needed help, Mandi encouraged me to make a change in my life and get healthy.  She is the energetic person that I needed and a person who will keep you motivated and fired up. I actually look forward to exercising. Mandi is fantastic. This is the best thing I have done for myself in years.I’m down 13 pounds since I got up the nerve to step on the scales. I’ve lost inches, I feel better, and I have I look forward to what the New Year will bring. Thank you Mandi for what you do!


Sherry Eagleton

100+lbs gone and still going!

Anndria W.

This Journey…

I feel my original goal has changed a few times throughout this journey and especially working with Mandi in particular. She has refocused so many aspects of my life for the better. In the beginning I wanted to get back in shape which meant just start working out again, which I did. I had a few measurement goals to reduce size in many areas, and I did. But the things that I learned that I did not expect outweigh the original goals and far exceed what I thought I could…only because
Mandi listened and watched! I have a breathing problem and it is not controlled therefore I struggle everyday with asthma and allergies just to make my body function properly. It’s like a salmon swimming Upstream everyday all day. I noticed that Mandi was adjusting each workout routine based on whether I struggled or not. She pushed me when she could but always found an alternative when I couldn’t! this made for the best workout possible each time. And what you wouldn’t have expected is
that someone with asthma CAN run! I could barely get very far without stopping at first, but gradually we’d realize I had gone the entire path without stopping! I noticed a huge difference in my stamina and legs and hips area! I was amazed and thankful that Mandi did the research before putting me in that position…she set me up for success not failure!

Mentally I was not prepared to expect a trainer and a friendship. Mandi is the only person I wanted to talk to at 5 a.m. LOL. I find myself missing her on days that we don’t talk or days that I don’t know how she is getting through her day. Everyone struggles on their journey with food and getting enough exercise in the day, but I know I am not the only one. I trust Mandi and she is very easy to talk to about her own struggles as well as what she sees of mine. Her friendship meant caring about what I need, what I want and knowing when to push me a little further. She goes above and beyond as a trainer to include in that friendship all the research that is required in order to understand my situation specifically. I can’t tell you how many times I thought I knew but I really didn’t know! You know that feeling when you thought having a cheat day was a good thing…well not if you want to ruin the entire week you just took to get to that cheat day! NO FRIED FOOD! DRINK WATER! DRINK LESS ALCOHOL! DON’T EAT REFINED SUGARS! You can have a cheat day but it doesn’t mean you need to go back on some of the things that are the foundation of your goal!

I don’t know that Mandi has friendships with all of her clients because it doesn’t seem to matter she never fails to make me feel like I am her only client. With this month being my last, what I have noticed is that I have achieved my goals and then some. My goals are not just a number on a scale but it had to do with so much more inside That You Don’t See with that number. And though she may not set her focus as a nutritionist she has taught me so much more about food and in a way that it does
not seem like work. Because the more effort I put in the more results I see. I have gained so much in the process of loosing! I am no longer afraid to push myself in new ways, and look for alternatives that help not hinder! And I learned to trust that a consistent pattern was what I needed. Mandi and I focused on strength and alignment in the beginning and I had no idea what it was all for, but I know now! the way I walk, the way I sit, the way that I pay attention to the direction my feet are pointed! I now have a better alignment that even a chiropractor can be happy with!

So to my trainer and my friend, Mandi, I say THANK YOU! I hope to continue watching your journey grow and prosper and that you continue to change lives

Anndria W.

Karen K.


I am a middle aged woman who smoked, drank (vodka being the favorite) and ate fast food, 3 meals a day plus snacks. I work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Currently, the job is slow so physical activity is mute to none. I felt tired, sluggish to a point I couldn’t hardly get out of bed and with no urge to do anything after work, but eat, drink and sleep. One day I woke up with the realization that after this current job, I may have to go back into the field and do physical labor, which at that point I would never have survived it. I signed up at a gym that afternoon. HA, little did I know that I was way out of my league of being knowledgeable on what to do with all those machines or even where to begin on what exercises would work each part of my now overweight, flabby muffin topped physique. It’s all good I will just Google what to do..ugh WRONG! Ok, now on to plan B, get an experienced trainer.

Score, I found the perfect one. Mandi is fabulous, informative, works right beside you every step of the way and genuinely cares about your health and physical stature. I can say from my time with her if you don’t get the results your looking for, its something YOUR not doing on your own time, because I can promise she is doing everything she can to help you reach your goals on hers. After about 5 weeks with her 2x a week, going to the gym 3x a week without her, I no longer smoke, drink alcohol or just go to bed after work. I still have to eat out, for working out of town all the time requires me to stay in hotels, but I now know what my body needs and can order accordingly. I have also learned the number on the scale means NOTHING, I mean look at the results, they say it all! I feel better all around, have more energy and my body has changed dramatically. With more definition, better posture and fat loss. Thank you Mandi for all the time and hard work you put in to making my lifestyle change amazing!

Karen K.