Virtual Training

A Personal Trainer at your fingertips

Why Choose Virtual Training?


  • Live too far away from trainer

  • Workout on your own schedule not the trainers

  • Less Expensive

  • Custom workout plans created just for you by a Certified Trainer

  • Nutrition support

  • Workouts sent directly to your phone, tablet or computer

  • Access to your own Certified Personal Trainer

  • Learn the right exercises to do and when to do them

  • Motivation

  • Accountability


1 ON 1

Face to face personal training

Benefits of 1 ON 1 Training

  • Able to conduct a more thorough assessment to find any issues you may have

  • Trainer is able to watch you thought the exercise and immediately make any corrections

  • Regular Body Fat % check

  • Regular Muscle Quality check

  • Custom workout plans based off your assessment findings

  • Trainer available to answer any questions you may have

  • Fun and challenging exercises

  • Motivation

  • Nutrition Support

  • Fastest way to accomplish your goals