For just $35.00 a month, you can have your very own Personal Trainer


It is hard to just walk into a gym and not be overwhelmed by the amount of machines and weights and how to best utilize them.  With our Virtual Training, we take the guess work out! 

Virtual Training truly is the next best thing to having a Personal Trainer working out right beside you.  We will virtually assess your body and strengths.  From that assessment we will then be able to create a custom workout plan to not only to help you reach your goals but to correct any problems you may have.  Many clients are amazed at how much of a difference correcting the problem areas makes in their life.  We do not just show you exercises, we design a custom plan tailored to each clients individual needs. 

Each virtual training client gets the following:

  • Apps for IOS and Android
  • App shows you exactly what to do when
  • Instant feedback to your trainer about the workout
  • Videos with detailed instruction
  • Custom website portal with access to workouts, forums and more
  • Accountability
  • Trainer push with motivation
  • Welcome package with nutrition advice and guidance
  • Access to your Personal Trainer though the app and forums
  • Virtual assessment to determine your strength and fails
  • Reassessment every 6 weeks to modify program
  • Ability to add on Complete Meal plans for an additional fee