We believe one-on-one personal training should be just that, PERSONAL.  Every personal client of ours gets a customized program built to fit their physical and mental needs.  We listen to what you want to achieve and teach you how to build a road to reach your individual goals.  Most one-on-one plans are an hour long session built around hours of behinds the scenes individual assessment.


  • 30 - 60 Minute sessions available
  • Personalized Assessment included with purchase of a package
  • Weekly Plans
  • Phone App with website access
  • Nutrition education and Guidance
  • Meal Plans available
  • Contact with trainer during work hours
  • Social Media groups
  • 24/7 Access to App and Forums
  • Several Locations available including in home training
  • Park days included in Stage 2 of training
  • Foam Roll, Mat and Bag for all new clients



Have a friend or two that you want to work out with.  Check out our group training option.  All the benefits of our 1-on-1 Training with the added bonus of friends.