Assessment Form

Assessment Form

Body Comp


YMCA Step Test

VO2 Max Test

Walk One Mile as quickly as possible without speed walking and record time below

Physical Abilities Assessment

Agility Shark Skill Lower Body


Assess lower extremity agility and neuromuscular control. (Progression from the single leg squat)


Position client in the center box of a grid, with hands on hips and standing on one leg


  1. Instruct client to hop to each box in a designated pattern, always returning to the center box.
  2. Perform one practice run through the boxes with each foot
  3. Perform test twice with each foot; 4 times total (Keep track of time)
  4. Record the times
  5. Add 0.10 seconds for each fault

  • Non Hopping leg touches ground
  • Hands come off hips
  • Foot goes into wrong square
  • Foot does not return to center square

Davies Test

Purpose: Measures upper extremity agility and stabilization


  1. Place two pices of tape on the floor, 36 inches apart
  2. Have client assume a push-up position, with one hand on each piece of tape


  1. Instruct client to quickly move his or hier right hand to touch the left hand
  2. Perform alternating touching on each side for 15 seconds
  3. Repeat for 3 trails
  4. Reassess in teh future to measure improvement of number of touches
  5. Record the number of lines touched by both hands